As The Day Breaks... || Brian Posehn- New Comedy Record- Fart and Wiener Jokes


I still haven’t had a chance to listen to Brian Posehn’s ‘Fart and Wiener Jokes' yet, but if it’s anything like his past material, I don’t need to to know it’s going to be good.  ‘Fart and Wiener Jokes’ dropped today on Relapse Records and is available from their WebStore and on iTunes.  According to the early write-ups of the record, this one is to feature two more songs like the ditty above featuring Scott Ian, John Tempesta and Joey Vera.  In addition, the album will feature guest spots from Jamey Jasta, Mark Morton, and Russ Parish.  I recommend ordering the album straight from Relapse because hard copies will feature an autographed digi-pack and you can even order packages complete with a t-shirt and picture-dic LP.  Pretty damn sweet.

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