Abigail Williams, Working on a New Album


No, not this Abigail Williams.

I was once at a local show talking with some dudes about Immortal.  At that moment, Utah’s true colors of black metal ignorance took center stage as someone related what they had heard of them to the "much better” black metal stylings of A-big-fail Williams©.  See what I did there?  I didn’t bother correcting them, it’s really not my place, but I will say now that I think they may want to get their ears checked.  If anything (big IF), Abigail Williams is a black mediocre metalcore version of Emperor.  I will now go seek refuge from rabid Emperor fans for the comparison.  At the least, they should be flattered by the many clones they have inspired.  It means they are (were) doing something right.

I got off subject though, Abigail Williams is working on a new album.  Thats about it really.  The album does not have an name yet, and while all the individual parts are recorded, there is not much more than that little blip on the blog-o-sphere.  Abigail fans, rejoice!  Abigail haters, flame away.

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