"We Wield Lightning Before The Sun" by Primordial


You can watch the latest video release from Primordial entitled "Wield Lightning To Split The Sun".  This is off of their latest album 'Where Greater Men Have Fallen', released last year by Metal Blade Records.

The band released this statement about the new video and what it means to them and the album:

We Wield Lightning Before The Sun' has become an important song for us, the dramatic album closer has become something of a natural call to arms that people have really taken to their hearts. The video is a mixture of live outdoor footage shot at the Sonnenwende festival in Austria mixed with indoor footage from this years Blastfest in Bergen, Norway, all cut by Costin Chiorneau who also made the artwork for the last album. A hymn to the animal in man that needs to be exercised not exorcised!

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