Things Go Badly at Colombia Metallica Concert Last Night


Last night Metallica played a concert in Colombia for the first time in eleven years and things went down pretty much as you would expect. Between 20,000 to 70,000 fans, 1,500 police, 50 arrests, 4 tanks, 3 stabbings and an injured po-po/ partridge in pear tree. Apparently before the show some sadistic ass-hats on facebook were inciting non-ticketed fans to crash the concert. And you know what those sheeple did? They crashed the concert. There is no word whether the show went on or not, but I assuming it did as I think we would be hearing a very different and much more catastrophic report if it hadn’t. In other news: Metallica is loving every minute of the press and the subsequent ‘killing’ they probably made last night on their over packed and over priced show.

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