More Metal Riots || Guns N' Roses in Brazil


Last weekend another riot at a South American metal concert broke out. This time the mayhem broke out on account of a rumored secret Guns n’ Roses show in San Paulo, Brazil. The band claims there wasn't a secret show planned, but the internet rumor mill said otherwise, prompting kids to show up and storm the stage when Guns n' Roses did not. According to a source at the venue: “The audience got angry and started to mount the stage, and fight and destroy everything. It was wild. There were fights everywhere, on the dance floor, in the bathrooms, outside the club. Crazy. I guess the free drinks didn’t help.”

To top it off, Guns n' Roses had to cancel a real show in Rio De Janeiro at Apoteose Stadium when the stage collapsed after heavy rains. It's definitely not a happy time to be a Guns n’ Roses fan in South America. The video above is of the stage collapse fiasco.

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