The Ten Best Heavy Metal Albums of 2010 (According to Ozzy)


Well I just got done reading an article on Yahoo! Music’s List of the Day blog in which Ozzy Osbourne lists his top picks for best metal albums of 2010. To call this list laughable would be an understatement, with his own record coming in at number one, the appearance of two re-issues, and perhaps his biggest misstep, including Korn’s latest, Remember Who You Are. Seriously. This list reads more as promotion for Ozzy and friends than a legitimate chronicling and I think come year-end you’ll be hard pressed to find a single one of these records appearing on any other top ten list, anywhere. For shame! 

Check it out after the jump.

1. OZZY OSBOURNE - "Scream"

2. BLACK LABEL SOCIETY - "Order of the Black"

3. MOTÖRHEAD - "The Wörld is Yours"

4. SLASH - "Slash"

5. HALFORD - "Made of Metal"

6. KORN - "III: Remember Who You Are"

7. PANTERA - "Cowboys from Hell" (reissue)0

8. LAMB OF GOD - "Hourglass" box set

9. FIREWIND - "Days of Defiance"

10. AC/DC - "Iron Man 2"

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