Septicflesh Is Like 'Woah'


Septicflesh is a name I've heard thrown around from time to time but it wasn't until today that I actually listened to them. Maybe it was a prejudice because, let's be honest here, their name sucks. But I've been wrong about poorly named bands before (see Imperium Dekadenz, Evilfeast) and I can now add these crazy awesome Greeks to that ever-growing list... 

My first experience with the 'flesh (is that too informal for a band I just met?) was the premier of the track The Vampire From Nazareth off their forthcoming record The Great Mass. And. It. Slays! Holy high hell, it slays. Rest assured I'm treating my self to their entire discography this week.

You can have a listen to the track that had me giddy as schoolgirl at her first Justin Beiber concert here or:


The Great Mass will be released in North America on April 19 via Seasons of Mist and we will have more on that in the near future. 

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