Septicflesh Reveal ‘The Great Mass’ Cover Art


I am so fucking stoked about this record. Have you all heard The Vampire From Nazareth yet? If not, follow this link and do so immediately!

Otherwise, have a look at this:

Wassis? Oh, just the cover art for Septicflesh's 2011 opus, The Great Mass. It's coming out in April, you know? April 18. And it's going to be good.

The Great Mass will be made available as either 1) a CD and Blu-ray digi pack or 2) a collector's book w/ 2 CDs and Blu-ray 3) 12" gatefold LP 3) CD jewel case 4) digital download. Or what I'm sure many of you will do, illegal download. Just make sure you buy a shirt or something if you go that route. I, for one, have my eye on the vinyl.

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