New This Week: A Little Something for Everyone


OF the myriad heavy metal releases this week our picks have a little something for everyone.

For the Angsty Christian…

As I lay Dying- Awakened- 9/25

This is the band’s sixth album in their long history of singing praise for Jesus’ name. It promises to be…I don’t know, I don’t listen to them. If I had to guess though, the press release probably said “heaviest album yet”, “dynamic”, and “brutal”, maybe, I don’t know.

For the Young at Heart…

Dokken- Broken Bones- 9/25

Another record from the tired, old gents of Dokken-- they’ve been doing their thing since 1977 and don’t show any signs of stopping. 

For the Old at Heart…

HellBringer- Dominion of Darkness (Debut)- 9/28

This debut album from retro-speed thrashers HellBringer is looking seriously good. Hopefully it’s just the beginning for these talented upstarts. 

Prog Nerds…

Enslaved- RIITIIR- 9/28

Enslaved’s much anticipated twelfth album, no doubt continuing down the progressive road these guys started down long ago, Riitiir comes out this week in a variety of special packages for the discerning collector.

For the Transylvanian Hungry…

DordeDuh- Dar De Da (Debut)-9/28

This debut from Hupogrammos and Sol Faur’s new project after they exited Negura Bunget is cold and hypnotic with elements of progressive and tribal music. A must listen for fans of dark metal and this bloggist’s most anticipated release of all the aforementioned. 

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