Hail The Vilian- Launch Mini-Site of Awesomeness


I got a press release in my inbox today about a little Canadian band called Hail the Villain that’s making some noise on the internet lately.  Hail the Villain isn’t exactly my kind of metal (at all) but dammit, their delivery is astounding.  Today they launched an interactive website for their upcoming album titled ‘Population: Declining’.  It is by far the most interactive experience a band has probably ever created for promotion.  The site is similar to a video game, involving a murder mystery you are called to solve with various clues and even interactivity with your webcam throughout.  It almost reminds me of a PS3 game I played at Spark's house--I can’t recall the name of right now, not that it matters, but it’s really cool.  The band is also working on a comic book that will relate the concept of the album.  I wish more bands would attempt to be this progressive in their promotional ideas and really encourage listeners to participate in fun, albeit time consuming ways.  Have a look yourself and come on back tell us what you think.  ‘Population: Declining’ will be released on Roadrunner Records June 8th.

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