Judas Priest on Steroids? || Omega Crom- ‘Blood, Steel and Fire’ Full Album Stream


Vancouver is really tearing it up in the metal world these days.  Case in point, the debut album of a little know band called Omega Crom.  Available today on The New Review, Omega Crom describes their freshman album, ‘Blood, Steel and Fire’ as being like “Judas Priest on steroids”.  Seriously, that's a direct quote.  Fusing elements of death, shred and thrash metals in an ‘everything that was old is new again’ package is nothing unusual these days, but Omega Crom is bang-your-head along fun nonetheless.  So, while I don’t completely buy the Judas Priest remark--or the 80’s rehashing--there is no denying ‘Blood..’ is a worthy listen for fans of the genre.

Fun fact: fans of the comic book series, Omega Crom take their name from a character in Conan the Barbarian.  If that isn’t cool, someone please tell me what is because it would seem I am lost.  You can listen to the full album here, then come on back and leave us your thoughts in the comment section.

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