Despised Icon Calls It Quits.... Or Do They?


Despised Icon released the following statement on their myspace just moments ago:

"The time has come for us to move on.  Some of us have recently reached a new chapter in their lives, starting families, buying houses and pursuing other careers to make it all happen.  Writing music touring and leaving home for months at a time is slowly becoming impossible because of that.  We all decided that it'd be best to pull the plug now and end things right.

"It's hard to believe we started this band almost 10 years ago already.  At first, Despised Icon was mostly just an excuse to hang out, write brutal slam riffs and play local shows once in a while.  With your support, we got the opportunity to actually play music for a living, make friends around the world, be MVPs and travel to places we never even dreamed of visiting in our lifetime....”

It goes on like that for a little while, but the gist of it is they'll play a few more shows and be done.

Then, as quick as it was there, the announcement was gone.  Now what's left there is a blank blog entry that carries the devastating title: ‘Despised icon is Breaking Up’.  So, are they actually calling it quits or is there more to this story?  All I can say in the wake of this shock and being as torn up as I am about this development, I will be turning off all my good music and having a moment of silence in remembrance later today.  You all can join me for this at 3:30 MT. </sarcasm>  Since the post has since been removed, nothing is certain but you can count on us to let you know more as soon as we do.

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