Hump Day Buster || Christian Mistress- Black Vigil


Well boys and girls, we’ve made it. The proverbial hump. Why not take a little break from work or your life and enjoy some Christian Mistress with me?

Christian Mistress is a traditional heavy metal band from Olympia, Washington that released their first offering, a self-titled demo, in 2009, followed by a brilliant full-length in 2010. Despite staying deep in the underground, Christian Mistress have been lauded by fans and critics alike for their straight up, regressive approach to heavy metal, and even received a nod from Darkthrone’s Fenriz who praised them for keeping the flame of old metal burning. But don’t take their word for it, give ‘em a listen and check out the entire album if you like what you hear.

This is Black Vigil; off The Mistress’ debut full-length Agony & Opium, out now on 20-Buck Spin: 

Hang in there, just a few more days ‘till the weekend!

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