Hump Day Buster || Manilla Road- Riddle of Steel


With all my expectations met, the new Manilla Road album, Playground of the Damned, is on steady rotation here in the Metal Call Out compound and I’m happy. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out yet, do yourself the favor, but I’m not here to talk about that today, lord knows I’ve devoted enough ink to it for a while. I’m all about busting that fucking hump so we can all get our collective asses to the weekend in one piece, and we’re going to do that today with a track off my all time favorite ‘Road album, Gates of Fire. Here’s Riddle of Steel:

Awesome, huh? Get that album, hell, get all fifteen of their albums and you can thank me later.

Hang in there, my friends, it’s only a couple more days ‘till the weekend.

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