New Videos from Sweden: Mustasch, Dark Tranquillity


Two new videos out of Sweden this week, one from legendary melo-deathers Dark Tranquility for the track In My Absence, and the other from Mustasch with The Challenger.

Two years ago Dark Tranquility released We Are The Void and have been touring heavily in support ever since. Over 160 shows, in fact, and all along the way they’ve been filming footage for the following video that was edited together by guitarist Niklas Sundin.

Much as I love DT I gotta say I saved the best for last. I never heard Mustasch before today and there’s a fairly good chance that I might not like anything else from them but I really enjoyed this song. And the video, particularly the cars in it and specifically the Chevy, gave me a little petroleum stiffy. 

The Challenger appears on Mustasch's new album Sounds like Hell, Looks like Heaven, out now on Regain Records. 

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