New Video || Insomnium- Regain the Fire


I wish Insomnium would…

Regain the Fire, that is. This is an all right song, all right video, but once those clean vocals kick in I just can’t do it anymore. Reminds me why I called the album from which it came (2011’s One for Sorrow) the third most disappointing of that year and haven’t listened to it since.

Let me not mince words here: I love Insomnium, I loved a lot of individual things about One for Sorrow, namely the music, but the clean vocals and certain chorus melodies rendered it completely un-listenable to me. I’m not just saying that for dramatic effect, either. I listened to the album three or four times the first month or so that it came out then sent it to the bottom of my pile where it shall remain.

So with that I’ll just leave the video for you to watch below and pass the mic on over to you, dear reader, to share your opinion of the song/video/album/whatever in the comments’ section.

One for Sorrow is available now through Century Media Records. 

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