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  • Artist: Hypocrisy
  • Title: Valley of the Damned
  • Album: A Taste of Extreme Divinity
  • Track: 1
  • Year: 2009
  • Length: 4:17 minutes (6.38 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 206Kbps (VBR)
From: Sweden
Discography: “Penetralia” (1992), “Osculum Obscenum (1993), “The Fourth Dimension” (1994), “Abducted” (1996), “The Final Chapter” (1997), “Hypocrisy” (1999), “Into The Abyss “(2000), “Catch 22” (2002), “The Arrival” (2004), “Virus” (2005), “Catch 22 (V2.0.08)” (2008), “A Taste of Extreme Divinity” (2009)
Hypocrisy is a death metal band that was formed in 1990. They are currently signed to Nuclear Blast Records and have twelve albums, four EPs, and numerous tours under their belts. The bands lyrics have typically dealt with aliens and abductions, however in 2005’s “Virus”, the lyrics took to a more “death metal” direction with songs about death, war and emotional struggles.  Current line up is:
Peter Tagtgren- vocals, guitar, and synthesizer
Mikkael Hedlund- bass
Reidar Horghagen- drums
What could I possibly say about Hypocrisy to do them justice? They are a classic and like a fine wine, get better with age. The death metal genre would not be the same with out Hypocrisy’s influence, and ability to stand the test of time. Their latest album, “A Taste of Extreme Divinity”, is a brilliant work of art, for fans of At the Gates and Bloodbath.
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