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On the morning (well, the afternoon) of Friday the 27th, I woke up eagerly, anticipating gathering the rest of the Metal Call-Out crew and heading up to Murray for the Such Vengeance show. 400 flyers, about 20 phone calls and 2 trips to Kinko’s later we found out to our disappointment, the show had been cancelled. However, never a band to pass up on the opportunity to show fans a great time, Ian (singer), gave me a call and invited the crew up to their jam spot for a special performance.

So began Metal Call-Out’s journey.  By way of camel (Abby's shitty Dodge Stratus) we embarked out to the practice space/studio of Such Vengeance. We became a little uneasy when the instructions included “take a right at the dirt road’, and for good reason. Upon turning up the dirt road, miles and miles from home with only a small leg of journey to go, an apparition of Gandalf  (the white) accompanied by two rather annoying unicorns and Lady Gaga stopped us.  Gandalf said to us “three questions we shall ask, and be the answers true, ye shall pass”.  All three of us were utterly confused and weary from our journey, but agreed. Strangely enough, the first question was from the Bible, the second from the Qur’an, and the third from the Torah.  Lucky for us, Abby Gunn is a devout Christian, SparksFury a Muslim, and myself, a professor of Jewish studies. Gandalf let us pass and Ian was waiting outside for us.  Apparently either the sight of Gandalf was not uncommon in these parts or he had not seen it because he didn't say anything about it. 

Well, now that you (reader) and I are good and sidetracked, let me bring our tale back to actual events.  Such Vengeance played for us five songs, two of which were new and not on the album I have. In the comfort of their basement practice space, SV put on a great show .  With hardly a crowd to work with, they still rocked it hard.  The new songs were great--very melodic and mature. Ian, Josh, Derrick, Connor and Eric are some really nice guys.  They are all very down to earth and easy to strike up a conversation with.

In short, go watch and support this band as soon as you get the chance.  They're sure to not dissapoint.  We'll have a video of their set on youtube and myspace shortly

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