After A Long Day... || Skeletonwitch - Repulsion Salvation


  • Artist: Skeletonwitch
  • Title: Repulsion Salvation
  • Album: Breathing The Fire
  • Track: 10
  • Year: 2009
  • Length: 3:36 minutes (6.58 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 256Kbps (CBR)

I was so busy being metal today I didn’t really get around to writing much. For this, I half-heartedly apologize. You see, I was just about to traverse to mountain fjord with my level 3 Dak’kon when the DM threw in (against the previously agreed upon rules, I might add) an entire clan of dark elves. Slaying the elves took longer than expected and my commitment to the campaign was so strong I couldn’t in good faith abandon it for work.


I am going to make it up to you guys with a streaming track from Skeletonwitch, so don't be too heavy hearted. From their album ‘Breathing the Fire’, enjoy the track ‘Repulsive Salvation’ and the rest of your Monday! Oh yeah, if you fancy a peek at Keep of Kalessin’s upcoming album ‘Reptilian’, you can hear the track ‘The Awakening’ right now on the band's MySpace page. It’s a pretty classic Keep song for all you classy Keep fans.

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