Metal Can Look Good Too || Rhapsody of Fire- Triumph or Agony


I love power metal cover art and Rhapsody of Fire’s 2006 album ‘Triumph or Agony’ is no exception.  ‘Triumph or Agony’ is the first of Rhapsody of Fire’s albums after they changed their name from just Rhapsody.  The album is huge, including a full 70 piece orchestra and guest narrators Susannah York (Laura from the 1978 Superman series) and the one and only Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee (Lord Summerisle in the not-crappy original 1973 film The Wicker Man).  As huge as the music found within is, the cover art would naturally need to be pretty big as well, so the band called on Jeff Easley.  You may not recognize the name Jeff Easley, but if you're a nerd (and undoubtably you are) you have probably seen his work on either 'Magic: The Gathering' cards or the second edition core books of ‘Dungeons and Dragons’.  

Jeff Easly works primarily in oil to create dark and detailed pieces of fantasy art.  In addition to his work with Rhapsody, Magic and D&D, Easley has also contributed to covers for the acclaimed comic book series Savage Sword of Conan and Bizarre Adventures

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