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Date: Saturday May 7th 2011 Location: Bell Center in Montreal Bands: Combichrist + Rammstein

This is my first ever show at the Bell Center in Montreal and the second biggest show I have seen in my life. The biggest was Iron Maiden in 2008 at the first edition of the Heavy MTL. I had a ticket to go to the front of the stage. Yeah, freaking awesome to get those tickets!

The opening band was Combichrist. For those who don’t know this band, it’s kind of weird mix between the old Marilyn Manson and Slipknot. This is the kind of band that you like or you don’t…. I’m in the second group. It felt like they were trying to be some kind of wannabe Slipknot but without the brutality and daring that make Slipknot good. It felt like their music was really repetitive and not really original but it fit with Rammstein, who was going to play next. Apart from their music, their presence on stage was good. The first drummer kept putting water on his drum, which makes a real nice effect, the other one was playing like a tribal beat on his small drum. It was pretty funny too see. Their performance was ok overall….

After a somewhat short performance from Combichrist ,about 40 minutes, Rammstein comes in. There’s one thing to say about those guys. They put a lot, and by a lot, I mean a fucking lot, of money on special effects. When the show starts, they “shred” the curtain and set it on fire to go the stage. What a freaking nice entrance. And it was just the beginning… They kept blowing my mind with really awesome fireworks and huge flames everywhere. They had all sort of other special effects that kept the crowd in the hype.  One thing I really loved about this show too was the atmosphere they put with the décor and the costumes. We could really feel the ambiance of an industrial era in the mid 50’s. It was really nice.  I would like to praise the performance of Till Lindemann and Christoph Schneider. They both had a major role in the various special effects during the show. The funniest part of the show was that Christoph kept walking while playing on his keyboard with his super flashy suit. But there was a downside from Rammstein, I don’t know if you guys are die-hard fans but I am not. Their songs are not that good, yeah they played some classic like “Du Hast” but I think they put more the emphasis on the special effects than on the music. Overall this show is a more like a pyrotechnical one with music playing alongside it than a metal show. Nonetheless I had a really good time seeing them. If you want to see a metal show that’s really different, well, this is the one for you!

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