Live Moments With Mat || All That Remains, As I Lay Dying- Montreal 9/27/10


This show was held at the Metropolis in Montreal on September 27th 2010. It was my first show in five months, so I was pretty excited!

I came late to the show (big surprise, right?) so I missed the entirety of Carnifex's set (I have no idea who they are so I think I’ll live) and caught the very tail end of Unearth. They seemed alright but I probably won’t be rushing out to pick of any of their albums any time soon…

All That Remains

This was actually my second time seeing All That Remains live, the first time they left me with a pretty good impression and I was not disappointed this time around either. The singer, Philip Labonte, gives a really great show standing on his little platform that he adds on to stage. It gives the crowd a better view of him, and the classic “rock star front-man look”. He sometimes leaves his perch and gives it up to the lead guitarist, Oli Herbert, who spends his time in the spotlight soloing.

Where Philip exudes confidence and energy in his performance, the rest of the band is lacking just that.  I couldn’t help but feel like he was the only one that wanted to make this a memorable show.

As for the songs they played, they picked up mostly from their two latest releases, Overcome and The Fall of Ideals.  Crowd favourites “Six” and “Forever In Your Hands” were among the songs they played as well as two (the names of which escape me) from their latest release, …For We Are Many, leaving me eager to give it a listen.

In all, All That Remains gave a nice performance but nothing that threw me off my seat.


As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying was the final act for this show. It was my second time seeing them live too, the first time they were the third out of five bands playing, but tonight they were the headliners.    

The show started out pretty strong with the song “94 Hours”. What better way to start a show? I came tonight curious to see how their performance was going to be since their boost in popularity since the last time I saw them. I could see that they have a bigger budget this time around and they played really well. 

Alas, I do have a bone to pick.  If you’re a fan of this band, you’ll know that they have some melodic songs like “The Sound of Truth” and other more hardcore numbers like “Forever”. The problem was the drum and bass were a great deal louder than the guitar. So in the more melodic songs the riffs are drowned out by the rhythm. It’s really deceiving when you consider that in those songs, the guitar should be heard more than any other instruments. Still, this is my only bad comment about the show. The rest of the time they really kicked ass and took names, playing various songs from each album (except their first) and interrupting the set once for an impressive drum solo courtesy Jordan Mancino. It’s always fun to see something like that when you’re not excepting it.


All in all it was a really good show. If you’re a fan of the genre you won’t be disappointed at all. For all you new comers, it’s a good introduction to metal since both bands have their  more “accessible” songs and other more “hardcore” pieces.

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