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A note from Deathscript: Hey guys and gals! We are going to be trying something a little new here with the addition of our northern friend Mat, who will contribute when he can, reviewing live events for Metal Call Out. Mat is from the frosty region of Canada and a huge Iron Maiden Fan. The title of this segment is a work in progress, if you have a suggestion for changing it, shoot us an email and if we try it and like it, we'll send you a free CD. Without further ado, I release you readers into Mat's capable hands.

First of all, I missed the first band, so I hurried and try to get a few songs from them, but when I got to the show, there was a paper on the door telling us that the show had been moved to another place. So after 20 minutes of walking I finally get to the other place and I came in between Bison B.C. and Baptized in Blood. When I entered the show I had a strange feeling, there was almost nobody there. So let's get with the show.

I had never heard of Bison B.C. and I was not very impressed by their show. They had a somewhat heavy sound but nothing in particular. They crowd wasn't in the mood, maybe because we were less than 100 persons but still they played well but they'll probably never be a big band. They'll be good for opening shows.

Now, Shadows Fall. I'm a big fan of this band; I actually discovered them while playing Guitar Hero 2. I was impressed by the performance of the singer Brian Fair, he really has a good presence on stage. He gives a good show, a really good front man in my opinion. As for the rest of the band, the drummer (Jason Bittner) was great but nothing exceptional, the rhythm guitar and bass player were ok but I was a little disappointed by the presence of the lead guitarist (Jonathan Donais). Don't get me wrong, he played really well but it didn't seem he wanted to be there. Maybe he was tired of this tour, (it was the next to last show of this tour) but he didn't give all he had. The set list met my expectations but there were a few songs that I would have like them to play. They didn't play any song from their first album 'Of One Blood'. They played a mixed of their latest album with a few songs from their others album.

Strong point of the show: They played 'The Light that Blinds' as a final and 'Forevermore' for the comeback.

Weak point of the show: The lead guitarist had problem with his amp, so we had to wait a few minutes between two songs. And during another song his amp failed again. Big lack of ambience.

Overall: Shadows Fall gave a good show but it would have been better is there were more people. That's a band I'd like to see again, it has a lot of potential for a good show.

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