Tue, 12/01/2009 - 4:09pm
Josh Johns
First off, all you that participated in last months giveaway; you are all winners in our hearts. But alas, there can be only one ring, one...
Fri, 11/06/2009 - 4:08pm
Josh Johns
To celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving, Metal Call-Out has teamed up with next weeks ‘band-of-the-week’, Maryland thrashers Anubis...
Tue, 09/01/2009 - 2:41pm
Cody Sparks
Check out this juggling video from God's Revolver. If you're wondering why grown men would do something like this.....check out this...
Mon, 08/31/2009 - 4:39pm
Josh Johns
Between The Buried and Me just released an audio teaser on their myspace page with little snippets of of their new album due out October 27th!...
Sat, 08/15/2009 - 7:36pm
Josh Johns
Fri, 08/14/2009 - 11:36am
Josh Johns
Ok so check it out, if you want to win a cool $200 all you got to do is send in a video of you juggling to your favorite metal bands song. It...
Fri, 07/31/2009 - 12:37pm
Josh Johns
Congratulations username "thesummerofandy". You win the 2 CD pack from Metal Call-out and With Faith or Flames.You will ...
Mon, 07/13/2009 - 7:05pm
Josh Johns
Thats right kiddies! For our very first music gear giveaways EVER, we have, for your listening satisfaction: Both Beneath the Heel of...
Sat, 07/11/2009 - 2:14pm
Josh Johns
Hey everyone--I thought I would get on real quick to let you know what you can expect this next week.  For starters, the band With Faith...

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