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Ok so check it out, if you want to win a cool $200 all you got to do is send in a video of you juggling to your favorite metal bands song. It really dosn't matter if you are good or bad, if the video is professional or with a cell phone camera. Just send in your videos and a panel of judges will decide who the winner is. The winner will get featured on the site and most importantly $200.  No kidding. Due to some technical difficulties we couldn't get a video up just yet to show you what we mean, but don't hesitate, the contest ends when October begins, so get your videos in! Also, keep checking back for updates and videos of MCO staff juggling!

Send your videos into to

Fine Print:  Your video will probably appear on our youtube channel thats how we keep track, if you don't want to be on youtube just drop us a note it wont get in the way of your possibility of winning! May the best, funniest, or person that we feel sorry for the most win!

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