Dark Funeral Release New Video "Nail Them To The Cross"


Here is a brand new music video featuring the black metalers Dark Funeral.  This single is called "Nail Them To The Cross".  No new album details as of yet, but we can expect another single to be released early 2015.

Dark Funnels last album was released in November 2009 by Regain Records.  This album featured the controversial music video "My Funeral", which was pulled from MySpace.  They were required to upload a new censored version of the video. 

Lord Ahriman was not pleased:

So, it took about three days, and from what I have been told, 30,000 views, for MySpace to pull our new majestic video for 'My Funeral'. That's f**king lame, to say the least! Even though I respect MySpace and their rules, I'm totally against censorship. The way I see it, and as long as it's not illegal (and there sure wasn't anything illegal in the video), if you find something on the Internet you don't like, just don't fucking watch it! How hard can it be? Let everyone else who enjoy it do so without your interfering. Either way, whoever flagged it should know that you just did us a great, great favor; thank you! Now people will hunt the uncensored version and I'm absolutely sure that your pathetic action will increase the plays with thousands and thousands of views. So, once again, thank you, but f**k you! I hope the rest of you enjoy our new tune and video anyway

I think their new music video "Nail Them To The Cross" won’t have this problem....because no one uses MySpace.

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