Emperor Magus Caligula of Dark Funeral Quits


Magnus Broberg, (aka Emperor Magus Caligula) long-time vocalist of Dark Funeral, released the following statement on Sunday: 

"I would like to inform all of our fans that on Saturday, August 21, at the Summer Breeze festival in Germany, I will be doing my last show with dark funeral.

Naturally, I have 'mixed feelings' about this decision, but it is final!

"They say that every person will have about 15 minutes of fame during their life! Well, I have had a 'hell of a ride' for 15 years now together with Lord Ahriman and Dark Funeral.

"As some people love to spread weird rumors about others, let me make this clear once and for all. I have not committed suicide, I have not taken an overdose, nor are there any personal issues between me and Dark Funeral. However, my life has taken a new turn lately, and I am also getting married this year (NOT to some crazy bitch in the U.S though… Hahaha), whereof my priorities in life lie somewhere else.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL of our fans for their amazing support during all the 15 years I've been with the band. And I would also like to thank my brothers in Dark Funeral for all these years together.

"Lord Ahriman and I have managed to raise Dark Funeral from the deepest of abyss, when we have confronted problems before. And there is NO doubt in my mind, that Dark Funeral, without me, will raise once more, stronger than ever...

"Thus I have spoken, thus shalt it be..."

So there is that. This is just wild speculation here, but when his highness mentions not marrying some crazy bitch in the U.S. do you suppose he is talking about Shagrath’s engagement to Nick Cage’s baby-mamma Christina Fulton? (Look after the jump for a picture.) Who knows? Actually the better question is, who cares? I really don’t care about gossip but that was the first thing that came to my mind when I was reading his statement. Whatever the case, MCO wishes the Emperor and Dark Funeral all the best for in the future.


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