In Flames - 'Siren Charms' Album Review


Most of us know In Flames as one of the founders and  the standard of Melodic Death Metal. The album they released in 2012 ‘Sounds of a Playground Fading’ was a bit different than what we were expecting. Their new album ‘Siren Charms’ released on September 9, 2014 is no different.

We have seen the slow progress of style change in the making. Each album predating each other has paved the way to this new path. The new album hasn’t disappointed most of their fans, but some of us that grew up with In Flames prior to ‘Come Clarity’ may think differently.

One music video they released was called “Rusted Nail”. The most thoughtful song they put on the album, according to the band:

We are more than satisfied with ‘Rusted Nail.’ It’s raw, it’s genuine, it’s In Flames.

In their defense it is the best and most catchy song on the album. It has the best guitar riffs, composition and melody. Other strong suites are “In Plain View”, “When The World Explodes” and “Monsters In The Ballroom”.

Another video they released featured the song “Through Oblivion”.

For the most part, this is a good album. If you are a fan of In Flames’ earlier albums, you probably won’t dig this album, because you will expect fast riffs and screams. You won’t find much of those features in this album.

For those that became fans from the last couple of releases will really enjoy and embrace this album.

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