The Ten Most Anticipated Heavy Metal Releases of 2014 [Updated]


For me 2013 was the year I listened to MUCH less metal than usual. I gave a few new albums a spin or two but for the most part stuck with the classics or ventured out to new or forgotten genres. This year, with a fresh outlook after a much-needed break, I’m back on the wagon and ready to go. There’s one or two albums in particular that I’m down-right excited for, a few I’m cautiously optimistic about, and a handful I’m feeling the stirrings of anticipation over.

Herein you’ll find my ten most anticipated heavy metal releases for 2014, in order of least anticipated to most.

Note: The following is my opinion, prepare to disagree and feel free to share your own in the comments section below.

10) Atheist- ???

Release: ???

Rumor has it Atheist’s been working on new material for an album as of late 2012. They’ve been mute on the matter since the initial announcement and vocalist Kelly Shaefer is busy working with his new band so I’m not holding my breath that this thing will see the light of day this year. But it would be cool.


09) Arch Enemy- ???

Release: ???

Arch Enemy announced last year they would be taking a break from touring to begin work on a new album for release this year. No word yet on a title or official release date but I imagine the label will kick on the buzz machine soon. With ex-Arsis guitarist Nick Cordle with the band now, replacing Christopher Amott, I’m interested.


08) Obituary- ???

Release: ???

Last year Obituary jumped on the social funding trend and raised over $10,000 to record a new album. If the band reaches a $20,000 goal they will also release a 4-part documentary from their sessions at Morrisound Recordings.


07) Overkill- ???

Release: March 7, 2014

Overkill is working on a new album for a March 7, 2014 release. Really, that’s just around the corner. It will be the bands 17th studio release since their inception in 1980.


06)Vader- Tibi et Igni

Release: ???

Slated for an “early” 2014 release, if Tibi et Igni is as good as any of their previous nine releases I’ll be happy. Expect to hear more about this album very soon.


05) Manowar- Kings of Metal MMXIV

Release: February 28, 2014

Though it’s positioned comfortably in 5th place this almost didn’t make the list. Re-recordings are almost cheating but since I loved Manowar’s 1988 release of Kings of Metal here we are. Following the album’s release Manowar will embark on a tour. North American? European? World? We don’t know yet but I’m holding on hope they’ll come by somewhere close.


04) Grand Magus- Triumph and Power

Release: January 31, 2014

With six great albums under their belt I expect nothing less with their seventh, Triumph and Power. This one will be out soon so check back for our review immediately following the release.


[Updated 01/08] 03) Sabaton- Heroes

Release: May 16, 2014

Sabaton entered the studio just a few days ago to record their yet-to-be titled new album with new member Hannes Van Dahl on drums. With no samples to go off of or even a title you may be wondering how this rumor made it’s way so far up my list? Because it’s f*cking Sabaton, have some respect.

**[Update] Album will be titled Heroes, released May 16, 2014. 


02) Blind Guardian- ???

Release: ???

If this record is even 2/3 as good as At The Edge of Time, Blind Guardian’s 2010 release, I’ll happily listen to it a dozen or more times. To hold you over until it’s release sometime this year, the band will be releasing A Travel’s Guide to Space and Time, a 15-cd retrospective, in February.


01) Behemoth- The Satanist

Release: February 3, 2014

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been chomping a the bit for this album since it’s first trailer came out last year. Just take a listen to what’s in store for us when this monster record finally hits shelves February 3rd:


Share with us your most anticipated releases for 2014 in the comments section below.

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