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Thulcandra, the German black/death metal outfit that’s doing their damndest (and succeeding) to fill the giant void left by Dissection issued the following updates on Blabbermouth this morning: 

"We just entered well known Woodshed Studios to record our second full-length [album] 'Under A Frozen Sun' alongside producer V. Santura. Seraph (of Dark Fortress) will take care of the drum duties for the new album. 

"The new material is way more epic, the songs are longer and we added a ton of guitar layers and leads to top our debut, 'Fallen Angel's Dominion'. 

"While the debut album was based on old material back from the earlier years until 2008, 'Under A Frozen Sun' consists only new material. 

"Everyone who is into the tradition of early No Fashion releases from the Nineties will be pleased by this album.

"We will just take a break from the recordings for a performance at Bavarian Battle Festival which is scheduled for January 15. Alongside Dark Fortress, Sear Bliss and Odem Arcarum we will celebrate our intention of black metal.

"Besides a new album, we are working on official live footage of last year's Helion Festival. The complete material will be released as 'Thulcandra - Live Demise' in a free full HD streaming format in March."

If their debut, Fallen Angels Dominion, was any insight to this band's future, this next album is sure be one of the heavy hitters in 2011, mark my words. I'm excited for this one.

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