Primordial Seek New Drummer


On June 5, 2010 Primordial played a rather tragic show in Athens, Greece that ultimately resulted in the departure of their drummer Simon O’Laoghaire from the band. According to accounts, the show was little more than a straight up a disaster and in an apology, Primordial vocalist Alan Averill describes it has “Primordial’s worst show in 20 years.”  This is due mostly in part of O’Laoghaire’s extreme intoxication during the band’s performance. The band has now officially announced they are looking for a replacement but in another statement claim they don't know what will happen with Simon, but have encouraged him to take a break and seek help for a problem that has been plaguing him and the band for many, many years. 

The so-called rock ‘n roll lifestyle can chew people up and shit them out of its backside if you lose control, and while we have sympathy for all the fans that were short changed in Greece that fateful day, we also wish Simon a full recovery and speedy return to normal life. 

For more information visit the bands Myspace page.

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