New Video || Ozzy Osbourne- Let Me Hear You Scream


So that just happened. Ozzy Osboune’s video for Let Me Hear You Scream, the second track from his latest album Scream is out now on Epic Records.  

There’s really nothing to wax poetic about -- Ozzy turns from a spider to a rat to a bat, lots of green screen action, random weirdness, nothing resembling a plot, and guitarist Gus G. gets less than ten seconds of air time even during his solo.  *Shrug*

Interesting factoid: Jonas Åkerlund who directed this uhm... fine piece of work, played drums in Bathory in the mid-eighties and has directed over fifty music videos, his very first being the track Bewitched from Candlemass to this most recent one for Ozzy. You can check out the video for Bewitched after the jump (it's amateur, oozes cheese, you will love it and it’s a much more productive use of your time than Let Me Hear You Scream).

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