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I don’t know about y’all, but I thought Megadeth’s Endgame was superb. Sure it’s no Peace Sells ... but best Megadeth record of the 00’s? You bet! With all their proverbial ducks in a row  (Dave Ellefson back on board) Dave Mustaine dropped in on the Megadeth Cyber Army chat room for a special live chat and announced the following:

"So, right now I have Ken Eisennagel, you may remember him from the last two records doing engineering for all of the pre-production phases of Megadeth records? Well, he is here [Megadeth's studio - Vic's Garage] going over all of the new Megadeth stuff that I am working on... believe it or not we have five songs almost finished for the new Megs record already!"

So what do you think, can ‘deth top Endgame? With Ellefson back in the fold could they make another Youthanasia.. even? Sound off in the comments section.

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