Dave Mustaine Forms New Band, Red Lamb


Just as Megadeth is preparing to begin recording their yet-to-be-titled album, a follow up to 2009’s Endgame, Dave Mustaine as announced a new project called Red Lamb. The project will consist of former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz, Accept bassist Peter Baltes, and Yngwie Malmsteen drummer Patrick Johansson. According to Mustaine, much of the project’s sound will come from Spitz’s abandoned Deuxmonkey project and will sound like a cross between Disturbed, Sound Garden, and Rage Against The Machine. Fuh..

Johnny K, who’s worked with Disturbed, Machine Head, Stained, and is working with Megadeth on the previously mentioned record, will mix Red Lamb’s forthcoming debut.


Sounds like it should be pretty awful. Thoughts, anybody?

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