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I must have gotten a little behind on Equilibrium news because when I read in my inbox today that they had a new song streaming, I jumped to their page and saw that there were two new tracks that I had never heard before. That, combined with the two others that have released, make up a total of three tracks from ‘Rekreatur’ (one from its purported bonus CD) -- all streaming right now. The latest track on the band's MySpace page ‘Verbrannte Seig’ will appear as the third track on the album and my only gripe is the lack of vocal diversity.

On the other tracks featuring their new singer Robse, he goes rather light on the range; one would see with Equilibrium's previous vocalist Helge Stang, that is his style and I dig it -- I dig both vocalists. However, on the latest released track with the exception of a few accents, the vocals remain basically the same pitch throughout. Otherwise, the track is typical Equilibrium -- typically good that is, and despite this small set back in my faith of Robse I am still excited to give the entire album an honest listen and add it to my thus-far complete collection of Equilibrium work.

For ordering information and more streaming music from the band visit their MySpace here.


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