Danzig - Audio Samples from Deth Red Sabaoth


Before MySpace or Facebook or whatever else the kids are into these days could get their grubby little fingers on it, Amazon.com did and is currently the only place where you can hear the most of Danzig’s forthcoming album Deth Red Sabaoth. By way of Amazon’s preview feature you can hear a brief segment of all eleven songs on the album and purchase the record all at once.  It really isn’t enough to form an opinion but I will recommend to you to skip the first two tracks if you want to preserve the sanctity of Danzig. I wonder if it's because the samples start in the middle of the song so it lacks continuity or if those two tracks just suck, either way I was not impressed. Otherwise, my interest is piqued and I hope there is a full album stream in the coming days before the actual release so I don’t have to buy this thing blind.

Listen here: Amazon.com

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