Finally, A Full Stream of Danzig’s ‘Deth Red Sabaoth’


AOL Music announced today they would be streaming Danzig’s forthcoming album Deth Red Sabaoth today in anticipation of its release tomorrow.  So for those like me, it means no more listening to snippets in Amazon’s preview section and waiting and hoping that some of the tracks are not actually as bad as their preview. As I am writing this I have not yet had the chance to listen to Deth... in its entirety, but once I clear a few things off my ‘to do’ list I plan to just sit around and zone out to it. 

Click here to visit AOL and listen to Deth Red Sabaoth -- while you’re there if you haven't had a chance to check out Ozzy’s latest, they are streaming that entire steaming piece of crap as well. 

Deth Red Sabaoth will be released tomorrow all over the world on The End Records.

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