As The Day Breaks: Introducing... Facebook Connect


In honor of the recent release of the Facebook movie </sarcasm>, our genius webmaster, SparksFury (aka. Gandalf the White), set out to simplify the comment and login sections of Metal Call-Out, allowing you to now login using the Book of Faces or connecting your pre-existing MCO username to a Facebook profile! 

All you need to do is click the “Facebook login” logo at the top of our homepage where you’ll be instructed to login using your Facebook account details and simple as that you can now leave comments (with out waiting for approval), chat in our forum, enter our giveaways, and be eligible to receive free downloads and exclusive content. If you already have a login for the site and wish to connect it to your Facebook, you’ll need to log out first then click the Facebook logo at the top of the page and follow the instructions to connect.  

I probably didn’t explain that very well so if you need any help with any of this along the way; just shoot us an email, leave a comment on this post or in the support section of the forum and we’ll assist you best we can. 

In addition to the login change, you can now share your favorite Metal Call-Out posts with your e-friends by using the newly implemented “like” and “share” buttons you’ll see at the top of each post. Cool? What am I asking for, of course it’s cool!

 Go forth and enjoy, you crazy social networkers, you.

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