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It’s Valentine’s Day once again, ladies and gentlemen and no matter where you sit on the spectrum of love it, hate it, impartiality, days like today when even a fucking metal site can be topical can be fun. So for today I’ve assumed my alter ego: J. Love Script.

A far cry from his darker, misanthropic counterpart, the only danger Julius Falcon Lovescript posses is that of you of falling in love and being buried alive in rose petals. Where Deathscript turned crosses, Lovesript bends them into hearts and leaves them at the doorsteps of the lonely. While stuck in traffic today Deathscript let loose a mighty war cry in protest as Lovescript, distracted only momentarily by the shrill cry he heard from afar, was too busy flirting with the pretty girl in the car next to him to even notice the traffic jam he was causing. Despite their differences though, the ‘Scripts can agree on one thing…


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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