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I was sent a link to this video today and boy, am I glad it stepped in to save me from the monotony of having little else to do clean out my inbox!  Hemoptysis is an American metal band from Tempe, AZ that plays a sort of thrash/death metal hybrid ala Arsis but much more melodic, thrashy, and decidedly… better.  Watch:

The riffs slay, the solos are top notch, the vocals are some of the better that I’ve heard in this genre, and the drums perfectly complement the intensity of this all out aural assault with the tight technical prowess of a seasoned pro. What a testament to the metal scene when an unsigned band like this can put their big label peers to shame. These young hopefuls really have got their shit together.

Look for Hemoptysis’ debut full-length album, Misanthropic Slaughter, out this spring and more from us on this band soon.

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