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In Flames released a video today for the first single off their forthcoming Sounds Of A Playground Fighting album, entitled Deliver Us. As far as videos go, it isn’t bad, or at least, we can assume the budget wasn’t. The whole thing was filmed at the Göteborgshjulet (The Wheel of Gothenburg), a giant Ferris wheel thingy similar to the UK’s London Eye, at night with fireworks going off in the background. That can't be cheap. Have a look:

As far as filming goes, I imagine it was equal parts scary and fucking badass, but it doesn’t make for terribly enjoyable viewing, right? Almost like it’d be fun to watch if you were in the band and had actually experienced rocking out in one of the cab things, high up there, all epic-like with explosions in the sky and shit. But I felt like I was watching someone else’s vacation video. It’s ok once or twice, but it’s not something I’d want taking up space on my hard drive.

The song? It’s just ok. I hope it’s not the best on the new album or I might be pretending that this one, like a few others, didn’t happen.

What are your thoughts on the video? The single? Sound off in the comments section.

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