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It’s kind of hard to believe how long Heathen has been around (26 years) and they have a mere  three full-lengths and one ‘Best Of’ to show for it. This is, of course, just fine given that all three albums are brilliant pieces of thrash metal and the band has never compromised their sound even in the changing of musical tides. This isn't always a good thing, but when it comes to bands from my youth I'd rather some predictability than to have to endure another Load. Heathen just keep doing their thing, getting better and better at it,  while I and folks like me eat it right up. 

Their latest album, The Evolution of Chaos was released in February of this year with no great amount of fan-fare (though we did mention it on the site for those of you with us back then) on Mascot Records. Since then the band has just been their usual quiet selves; touring here and there and most recently releasing the video above for the song Dying Season. Enjoy! 

You can check out more music from Heathen on their MySpace page.

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