New Video || Blind Guardian- A Voice In The Dark


I spent the better part of yesterday listening to Blind Guardian’s recently released (or soon to be released, depending on where you live) record At The Edge of Time and I couldn’t be more pleased. The album certainly will not disappoint BG fans and delivers on promises of being one of the bands most  epic efforts to date. The full symphony orchestra is a swell addition, the instruments are tight as can be, and Hansi Kursch’s vocals are as good as ever... if not better. 

If you live in Europe, get off your ass and down to your local record store where you might just find a copy of this magnum opus waiting for your eager ears. If you’re State-side... you will just have to wait but everybody can enjoy the video for A Voice In The Dark in the mean time. 

Cheesy? Yes. That’s just how Blind Guardian rolls. Deal with it.

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