The Falling Down Compilation I & II


A friend of mine recently gave me a copy of Falling Down, a sort of indie- metal/drone compilation highlighting some heavy-hitters and alternately some obscure gems. Three CDs, covering the work of 40 bands and limited to 1000 copies, The Falling Down Compilation is an absolutely mammoth labor of love for the small team that releases them. In March 2010, Falling Down will release their second compilation chock full of unpublished tracks from bands spanning seven countries. Pre-order a copy here. After the jump see the official track listing of the first Falling Down Compilation and more on the upcoming second installment. 

Falling Down I Track List:

CD 1
KYLESA - Set The Controls (Inédit)
KEHLVIN - Rollercoaster Jr. (Inédit)
AMENRA - Terziele - Tottedood (Inédit)
KNUT - Fast Forward Bastard (Inédit)
PELICAN - Aurora Borealis
OCOAI - Manifestant
TEPHRA - Rivers Eyes
TIME TO BURN - Candle In Wind (Inédit)
CORTEZ - Idylle (Inédit)
EINNA - Il Ne Reste Que Des Epines
YEAR OF NO LIGHT - Cimmeria (Inédit)
IRA - Long Live The Parts II
YOG - Breaking The Spell (Inédit)
CD 2
ROSETTA - Départe
CALLISTO - The Fugitive
OVERMARS - The Road To Awe
SCOLD FOR WANDERING - Un Monde à Notre Image... (Inédit)
CELESTE - Mais Va Vendre Ton Dédain
CALDERA - Hockomock-A Place Where Spirits Dwell (Inédit)
I PILOT DAEMON - Holy Cobra (Live)
ASIDE FROM A DAY - March Of The Stones
ZATOKREV - Story Of A Thousand (Inédit)
RORCAL - Descend From Wherever We Shall Ascend (Inédit)
DIRGE - The Coiling (Inédit)
CD 3
MAÏNO - Yokaï (Inédit)
UMEÄLVEN - 6'23 (Inédit)
ZERO ABSOLU - Sans Ailes (Inédit)
GENERAL LEE - Our Last Struggle Winter
ENO - Ser Roen
LLORAH - Echos
ERRATA - Nephelion (Cut Version)
ANOTHER MOON - Un Message du Futur (Avant-Première)
STUNTMAN - Sacrifice Healing
SULLIVAN14 - Preston
INYS - L'Ombre et le Reflet (Inédit)(Cut Version)
AS IT FALLS - Empires (Inédit)
MADAME DE MONTESPAN - Une Minute Contre L'Eternité
KALVRIA - Tear Apart
Falling Down II Announcement:
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