Review || Dark Tranquillity- We Are The Void


Overall: 7.5/10

Strong Points: “The Fatalist”, “At The Point Of Ignition”, Production
Weak Points: “Shadow In Our Blood”, “Arkhangelsk
I wanted to take a moment and do a quick review of Dark Tranquillity's 9th studio album, ‘’We Are The Void’’, released today(!) on Century Media. I should mention in the interest of full disclosure and fairness, that I am a huge DT fan so any discrepancies seen you can chalk up to bias.
Surprisingly enough, “We Are The Void” does not have a very strong start with the track “Shadow In Our Blood” (video), but quickly makes up for it in strides with the third track “The Fatalist”, a pop-y, keys heavy (what Dark Tranquillity song isn’t?) anthem that was easily the high point of the album. There are some really solid solos throughout and  more melody than you can shake a stick at. Which is of course, what one seeks Dark Tranquillity out for in the first place--the sweet, sweet melodies. On the final track, “Iridium” we see, as we saw on the final track of their album “Fiction”, vocalist Mikael Stanne crooning in his usual moody way. Something the band never overuses, so it becomes more of a treat than a chore to the earbuds.
Otherwise, if you are familiar with Dark Tranquillity’s work you won't find anything too new or innovative here, but so what? Dark Tranquillity has been doing their thing (a very good thing at that) since I was in diapers. They know what works and the formulaic “We Are The Void” works.
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