Blackened Power Metal?? || Demoniac- The Eagle Spreads Its Wings


Last night I was rifling through Yahoo Answers as I sometimes do (if you are lucky you can find some very funny stuff) when a question appeared that would cause any metal fan to strain their neck from the double take. It read: "Is there such a thing as Black Power Metal?" Holy shit I hope so. A couple people gave some lame suggestions like Norther and local bands they knew of, but nothing could have prepared me for one person’s answer; a little band by the name of Demoniac. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

Encyclopedia Metallum agrees, and lists this band’s style as Black/Power Metal in their later years at least, years from which the track above comes. The vocals and horrible production can wear on you after a while but dammit, I can't get over the novelty. Sadly, Demoniac is now defunct and it looks like I missed the boat by about 10 years with their split-up some time in 2000 after the release of their third studio album The Fire and the Wind. The members have all gone on to do other things, most notably the keyboardist that now plays in Dragonforce and the drummer played in DragonHeart while they were still around. 

If anyone has any more goodies like this, share them with me right away. If you want to hear more from Demoniac, the best I can do for you is an unofficial, fan-created myspace and the video above. May the mighty warrior on his dragon forever fly through the grim and frostbitten forests of Auckland! 

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