New Video Clip || Black Pyramid- Mirror Messiah


Black Pyramid might be America’s next great doom act. Channeling the likes of Electric Wizard, Sleep and Black Sabbath might sound like an easy task, but to have it come together as well executed and dynamic as the breed that Black Pyramid does is an honorable feat. The riffs are crushing and the song structure harkens back to Electric Wizard’s Dopethrone with psychedelic melodies and walls of sound guitars so heavy, that if you didn’t take that shit I mentioned earlier, you are going to want to after hearing this.

My single complaint is the volume at which the vocals are recorded causes guitarist/vocalist Andy Beresky to sound sheepish -- perhaps this was intentional, but for as much as it turned me off, the band in its entirety saved grace and the tracks I found on their myspace page and the one in the video above left me head over heels impressed and ready to hear more.

I hate to do this to you all, but I'm taking off early to get some Rice King with my girl. Come back tomorrow for the promised fully heavy metal day.

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