Pessimist is a Brutal Black/Death Metal band from Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America, formed in 1993.

Current Members:
Rob Kline - Vocals
Kelly McLauchlin - Guitar
Kelly Conlon - Bass
Chris Pernia - Drums
Former Members:
Tom Persons
Mike Harrison
Bill Hayden
Tony Pernia
Ralph Runyan
John Grden
Mike Perigo
Studio Albums:
Cult of the Initiated - 1997 - [Buy]
Blood for the Gods - 1999 - [Buy]
Slaughtering the Faithful - 2002 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Dark Reality - 1993
Dark Reality II - 1994
Absence of Light - 1995
Similar Artists:
Centurian, Gorguts, Incantation, Brutality, Broken Hope, Angel Corpse, Ripping Corpse
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