Destroyer 666


Destroyer 666 is a Black/Death/Thrash Metal band from Melbourne, Victoria (early), Eindhoven, North Brabant (now), Australia, formed in 1994.

Current Members:
K.K. Warslut - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Shrapnel - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Schneemilch - Bass
Mersus - Drums
Former Members:
Bullet Eater
Simon Berserker
Beast of Bladel
Ballistic Coz Howitzer
Matt "Skitz" Sanders
Chris "Volcano" Broadway
Shane Rout
Eric De Windt
Luke OMara
Studio Albums:
Unchain the Wolves - 1997 - [Buy]
Phoenix Rising - 2000 - [Buy]
Cold Steel... For an Iron Age - 2002 - [Buy]
Defiance - 2009 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Six Songs with the Devil - 1994
YouTube Video:
Similar Artists:
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