Cloven Hoof


Cloven Hoof is a NWOBHM, Heavy/Power Metal (later) band from Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom, formed in 1979.

Current Members:
Matt Moreton - Vocals
Lee "Air" Payne - Bass
Former Members:
David "Water" Potter
Karl Johnson
Derek John Hodd
Rob Kendrick
Russ North
Steve "Fire" Rounds
Mick Grafton
Andy Wood
Lee Jones
Roy Chudobskyi
-Andy Shortland
Christian Horton
Ben Read
Mick Powell
Kevin "Earth" Pountney
Richard Wilson
Orlin "Lynch" Radinsky
Simon Heywood
Jon Brown
Studio Albums:
Cloven Hoof - 1984 - [Buy]
Fighting Back - 1986 - [Buy]
Dominator - 1988 - [Buy]
A Sultans Ransom - 1989 - [Buy]
Eye of the Sun - 2006 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
1982 Demo - 1982
Second 1982 Demo - 1982
Promo 05 - 2005
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